Surround Sound® Technology

The Surround Sound system is provides a one-time, non-invasive procedure to treat hypertension. Surround Sound uses ultrasound imaging to robotically guide the delivery of focused ultrasound energy to treat renal nerves (renal denervation (RDN)). The system targets specific tissue while automatically tracking movement and continuously enabling therapy delivery. The company has completed three single-arm studies showing reduction of blood pressure in resistant hypertension patients and an excellent safety profile. The company is currently enrolling in the sham-controlled WAVE IV study outside the United States and is planning its WAVE V US/global study.

The initial clinical application addresses high blood pressure (hypertension) through ablation of the renal nerves. Renal nerves are located adjacent to the renal arteries, which provide blood flow to the kidneys. Renal nerves are part of the sympathetic nervous system and play a significant role in determining blood pressure. Clinical data have shown that ablation of renal nerves can result in profound and lasting reduction in hypertension in patients whose blood pressure is not adequately controlled by medication.

In contrast to catheter-based renal denervation systems, which rely on internal delivery of energy through the wall of the renal artery to ablate renal nerves, the Surround Sound system delivers the energy from outside the body non-invasively. The fully-integrated, self-contained system can be used in virtually any exam room in a hospital, office or clinic, and does not require a catheterization lab.

Ultrasound-based, non-invasive RDN has the potential to greatly reduce cost, lower risk, and improve access to millions of hypertension patients worldwide who are not adequately controlled by drug therapy.

Kona has a foundational intellectual property position in therapeutic ultrasound, with numerous US and International patent applications covering its platform technology. For more information, contact us at

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Note: The Kona Surround Sound® system is investigational and is not yet approved for sale.