Kona Surround Sound®: Non-Invasive Therapy for Treatment of Hypertension and
Other Disorders

Kona Medical has developed an ultrasound-based platform which enables non-invasive imaging, targeting, tracking, and treatment of soft tissue structures throughout the body without radiation and without the cost or complexity of MR and other technologies. The first clinical application of Kona Surround Sound® addresses severe high blood pressure (hypertension) through non-invasive ablation of the renal nerves. Kona Medical has completed three clinical studies with the Surround Sound® Hypertension Therapy System with a fourth study now in progress in Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. Learn more if you or a family member suffer from resistant hypertension and would like more information regarding Kona Medical’s clinical studies.


Clinical Studies

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Kona Medical, Inc. is a privately held company which has developed an innovative, non-invasive therapy for treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure) and other disorders. Kona has locations in Bellevue, Washington and Menlo Park, California.

Kona Medical, Inc. has completed three clinical studies to date with the Surround Sound® Hypertension Therapy System. Click below for more information on the WAVE IV study of non-invasive renal denervation, now in progress.

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